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Poster: He Live's Date: Feb 15, 2009 11:03pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: BY NATURE: The Grateful Dead were like NO OTHER

hello koch,

maybe some day.... but really, i think the sort of improvisation they did in DARK STAR and THE OTHER ONE and PLAYIN IN THE BAND went pretty much out the window when KEITH left the band. what they did on those tunes, say in SEPTEMBER 72, just for example... i mean, they never really got there again after the break in 74/75. much less 79 and on... there was a brief moment in 1990 when the MIDI stuff was handled tastefully and JERRY seemed interested in improvising in earnest again.....

but really. the reasons i like say 77/78 and 72/73, are just totally different. maybe we can just say the SCARLET>FIRE VIBE replaced the DARK STAR/PLAYIN VIBE in the late 70s...... i have said it before, i will say it again, the GD were an ever evolving beast. they weren't the same band in 72 and 80, 68 and 78, or take your pick -- that's why we are still here talking about this stuff.... they kept changing.

DARK STAR?..... it was in the rotation from 1/17/68 till 10/18/74 and made a re-appearance on 12/31/78.

i know what they sounded like in the 90s and i am not very interested in spending time hearing more of it. for example i would be happy to spend more time on SPETEMBER 1972 alone than i would the entire period from 1984-1995....

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Poster: kochman Date: Feb 16, 2009 5:11am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: BY NATURE: The Grateful Dead were like NO OTHER

To each his own of course... I would say some of the "orbital jams" of the 79-81 period are pretty cool.
These were always pre-drums, or leading into drums.

Some examples for those interested are (they are often listed at as separate jams)
8/12/79 out of Eyes
9/2/79 out of LIG
11/4/79 out of Terrapin
11/5/79 out of Franklin's
11/29/79 out of Eyes
12/28/79 out of PITB
5/12/80 out of He's Gone
There are more, a few in 81 for example, that I can't recall the dates on. And, you mentioned that you can stomach some of the MIDI from 1990...
If you listen to nothing else that I suggested above, listen to the Dark Star from 7/12/90...

Re: Sep 72, you have seen my issues with it... There is some greatness, and that type of jamming died after 1974 really, I hear what you are saying.
I really don't see the departure of Keith as the end of Jerry's playing ability... in fact, I think his personal performances were at their peak from 77-84. Keith's departure was a great thing in that it added so many new dimensions to the band musically (vox and all the various sounds that Brent would hammer out of his boards).